Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Micah turned 3 months and sissy turned TWO!

Okay really, I have 10 minutes, so I thought I would update the blog (long overdue, but I am here nonetheless). I absolutely love having 4 children! They are so much fun! Micah just turned 3 month last week and we celebrated Taylor's 2nd birthday a few weeks back. Here are the stats. Taylor is a whopping 23 lbs. and is 33 inches tall. She's in the 28% for height and 8% for weight. Don't take this the wrong way. The girl can eat! She eats more than the boys do sometimes! She's little but makes up for it in spunk! She talks. and talks. and talks. nonstop. Josh and I will be having a conversation and she will be in the same room playing with her toys, not even looking at us, and be repeating everything we say. She is a little ham and can always make her brothers laugh. It usually has something to do with her saying something she's not suppose to like, "poopy diaper" over and over again. Nice, right? She sleeps in her big girl bed and loves to go outside! She has long hair with the most precious curls. Tutus are her outfit of choice lately, but don't let that fool you. The girl is a tomboy at heart and runs outside and gets that tutu as dirty as she can! We love our  Taylor!  Micah is now three months and about 2 days after his 3 month birthday, the little stinker rolled from his back to his belly! WHAT? Way too early if you ask me, but I guess he has to keep up with the big kids. Micah is little too. He weighs in at a whopping 11 lbs. he's at about the 22% in height and weight. He loves to talk, and has just recently discovered the best toy ever, his tongue! He loves it and will show it to you all the time! One of his favorite things to do is lay on the floor on a blanket and watch PBS with his siblings. Yes, I know I am a horrible mother for allowing my 3 month old to watch television, but he can't really see anything because it is so far away. He just likes the lights. That's what I keep telling myself anyway....

Noah is our big boy and he will be in the 1st grade next week! He is so funny! He has informed me many times that he does not want it to be August. He wants it to stay July forever! Don't we all buddy, don't we all. Some stats on Noah: he is 60 lbs. and 50 in. tall. 73% in height and 83% in weight. Big Boy. Some of his fav things to do is play the wii (of course), and since daddy recently took his training wheels off, the boy loves to ride his bike! He is a very analytic thinker. Black and White with this boy, there is no in between. Because of the way he thinks, he is very very good at math and numbers. He loves counting up his money and lets me know how much more he needs to buy whatever it is he wants. Usually a wii or DS game. I think the next one he wants is something like Mario Cart 7 (how many of those things do they need really??).  Jacob is next. He will be in KINDERGARTEN this year! I thought for sure he was not ready. He hasn't been in preschool for almost 2 years, and still struggles a little bit with his letters. Well, we signed him up and went in for our prekindergarten screening. I wasn't able to be in there while he was being tested, so after the test I went in to pick him up ready to get the "he's not quite there" talk from the teacher. Well, he scored above average on the test. What? I laughed and said, are you sure? no, really? She laughed and said he did quite well and that apart from getting a few letters confused he did great! Wow! So excited to hear that! Proud of our Jacob. Jacob's favorite thing to do has not changed since he was a baby. The kids LOVES dirt. We go to the park up the road to play and he kicks his shoes off and sits and plays in the dirt the whole time. His hands and feet are BLACK when we are done, so a bath everyday is a MUST with that kid! He is tall and skinny. Actually he is built just like my brother. His last appointment was back in March (before the move) and I cannot for the life of me find the paper where I wrote everything down. He loves to watch Noah play the wii and has actually in the past few month been playing himself. He's not quite as mastered as Noah is, so there is often some quarreling in the play room which usually involves Jacob not pushing A or B, but he's doing pretty good! Jacob has an amazing imagination! We went to the water park the other day and for an hour (I kid you not) he was bent over playing with a long blade on grass. Swirling it in the water and watching it "swim". So funny. Every time I looked up for a head count, he was in the same place in the same position watching that thing. Love that kid. He is a stinker sometimes, they all are, but I love them and am so thankful to be called their mommy!
Taylor in her BIG girl bed!!!

Sweet Micah.

Three of Four after the water park and ice cream.

What? It is.

Our Treasure 

The big boys.

Just another day at the park.

The boys. 

She is his second mommy.

She loves him so much! He is still undecided.

Just turned two! (Obviously.)

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